Fees & Billing

We appreciate that fees are no small matter, particularly in the current economy. Just as with all other elements of a matter for which we are retained, we are transparent with our clients as to fees and billing. There are as many different fee structures and arrangements as there are client types. We will work with you to find a mutually agreement approach that works for you. Here are the basic approaches to fees for our services.

Consultations for individuals and families.  We understand that your consultations may come at a time of economic stress and need, and that your payment will come from your family wallet. Therefore, we provide consultations on a flat-fee basis.  The consultation fee includes review of an optional, completed client questionnaire and any documents and correspondence submitted prior to a pre-set consultation time, as well as the consultation itself. While this involves great attorney time up front, it ensures that we can more effectively arrive at options for you within the consultation itself. The consultation fee in your case will depend upon the type of matter, the number of parties participating in the consultation, and whether you desire an in-person or telephone consultation. For a consultation, please summarize your situation by e-mailing info@nullharrisvisalaw.com. We will respond within one business week. If your matter is urgent, simply call our main office number: (312) 422-1202.  

Candidate review for employers.  We offer employers a review of job candidate immigration eligibility for a nominal fee. We offer this to help organizations make informed decisions prior to expending valuable recruiting budget dollars on airfare and hotel accommodations for an on-site interview with a physician or other professional who may not be immigration-eligible to work.  We offer two tiers of review. For employer seeking a minimalist approach, we will engage in attorney review of the candidate’s resume or c.v., and have a consultation (telephone or e-mail) with your recruiter, human resource professional, or manager regarding the possible employment sponsorship that may be required for the candidate. For a more thorough option, we can request and review full immigration documentation to assess what employment sponsorship types and costs would be required, as well as likelihood of approval and case strategy and timing.

Flat fee schedules.  We have standard flat-fee schedules for several types of immigration matters, including H-1B visa petitions, labor certification/PERM green card cases, Physician National Interest Waivers, Schedule A green card cases, Conrad 30 J Waiver/H-1B Petitions, R-1 visa petitions, marriage-based green cards, family-based immigrant petitions, and naturalization cases.  We utilize flat-fee arrangements whenever possible, to minimize guesswork and stress for our clients.  When you engage our firm on a flat-fee schedule, you have opted for unlimited use of our staff resources.  We will continue our work until we have achieved the final outcome of the case, all within the originally agreed-upon attorney fees established at the beginning of the case.

Hourly billing.  We typically charge on an hourly basis for general immigration counsel, corporate compliance and post-approval work, as well as most non-immigrant visa categories (L-1, TN, J-1, F-1, B-1/B-2, P-1).  We understand that you can make the best decisions possible when you have a clear idea of the total bill associated with different options, and we therefore do not hesitate to give you our best guess at the onset of a matter.  If at any point it appears that we may exceed our initial “guesstimate” of attorney fees, we will let you know in advance of that development, not after the fact.  We will not begin the billable hourly meter without your prior consent.  We will strive to have your work delegated to junior staff wherever possible to decrease your bill.

Referrals.  We charge nothing for referrals – nothing from you and nothing from the attorneys to whom we refer.  If upon your initial contact with our office, we readily discern your matter is outside of our area of expertise, we will be pleased to provide you with a referral to an experienced, appropriate professional.

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